The objective of the Finance and Accounts Department is to provide cost effective and efficient accounting and financial management services to the board and management of NHC, to assist with management’s planning and decision making. Timely, accurate, clear and complete financial information is provided through budget and financial reporting, management information systems, forecasting and procedure development. They are responsible for ensuring that clients’ payments are allotted and expenses are paid.

The department is driven by values that include quality, integrity, leadership and teamwork and works closely with all other supporting departments.


  1. Lisford Isaac – Chief Financial Officer
  2. Shernee Powell – Accounts Supervisor
  3. Mona Francis – Finance Supervisor
  4. Cynthia Bart – Accounts Officer
  5. Fern Ryan – Accounts Officer
  6. Tazola Thomas – Accounts Officer
  7. Alicia Williams – Accounts Officer
  8. Leoncia Flanders – Accounts Officer
  9. Tamena Byron – Cashier
  10. Ingrid Abel – Cashier
  11. George Elliott – Clerk / Messenger
  12. Natasha Edwards – Finance Clerk